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Chapter 1: The Basics – Portal elements and navigation menus

In this section, we will cover the Zebyl portal elements and navigation menus and learn about the portal layout. Firstly, in order to log in to the Zebyl text messaging for business portal, you need a username and a password.
Portal login link:

If you have not yet received your login information, please contact your account administrator and ask for your login information. If you have forgotten your password, visit the login page and click on the “forgot password?” link and follow the onscreen instructions to reset your password.



When you log in to the portal, you will be directed to a page that displays the navigation menus, a list of contacts with the most recent messaging activities, conversations with a selected contact, and the notification bar.

Items to notice and keep on the radar:
The important items to notice first after logging in to the portal are as follows:

    • Unanswered Text Messages: As soon as you log in to your Zebyl Engagement Center, please pay attention to the notification bar, where you may view pending unanswered text messages. People expect to receive timely responses to business text messages, so it’s important to attend to incoming messages promptly. Zebyl helps you notice new messages with visual notifications. The number inside the red tag attached to the envelope in the notification bar lists the number of unanswered text messages across all SMS numbers. When there are no unread messages pending, the red circle turns green with the number 0 inside.
    • Notification Bell: This represents important account status and billing information about your account. Please make sure you read and follow instructions in these messages to properly maintain your account status.

Note: If you have opted in for review management, important information about reviews are also displayed here. Make sure you notice and follow the instructions in these messages.

Pending Orders: If you have opted in for menu management and sales order via text, your new orders will be listed under this icon. The number in the circle shows pending orders, so be sure to click and follow up with the new orders promptly. Ideally, there should not be any pending orders lingering in this section for an extended period of time.

Now that we have covered the important and urgent items, let’s continue with the portal elements.

Navigation menu: This menu navigates to different pages of the engagement center. Please note that listed menus differ depending on users’ roles and permissions. For example, an admin user can navigate to the billing page to view invoices, but agent users don’t see this option.
Here is a quick review of the navigation menus:

    • MESSAGES: Takes you to the message board
    • NEW MESSAGE: Allows you to draft a new message to a new contact
    • ORDERS: Takes you to the text order page (Please note that this menu requires additional subscription)
    • SETTINGS: Helps you edit your profile and set message forwarding options
    • MENU MANAGEMENT: Takes you to text order menu page (Please note that this menu requires additional subscription)
    • MESSAGE BOT: Allows you to automate responses to incoming messages
    • CAMPAIGNS: Takes you to the text messaging campaign page
    • REVIEWS: Takes you to the “manage online review” center (Please note that this menu requires additional subscription)
    • GOOGLE INTEGRATION: Integrates with your Google account to sync calendar, reviews, and web page analytics (Please note that this menu requires additional subscription)
    • FACEBOOK INTEGRATION: Integrates with your Facebook account to sync messenger messages and reviews (Please note that this menu requires additional subscription)
    • CONTACTS: Takes you to the contact management center
    • REPORTS: Displays account reports
    • ADMIN: Takes you to the account administration area
    • LOGOUT: Logs you out of the portal

Notification Bar: As explained before, the notification bar provides important information about your account, such as: pending unanswered text messages, account status information, pending orders, and generated leads. The items listed in the bar differ based on the services you have signed up for.

On the right side of the notification bar, where you see your name, you can switch between different messaging channels such as different SMS numbers, Facebook pages, etc. Upon selection, you can see the messages related to the selected channel.
Example: If you have more than one SMS-enabled telephone number activated on your account, you can click on the down arrow next to your username and switch between the SMS numbers.

Contacts: This displays all contacts who have exchanged text messages with your landline phone numbers, Facebook pages, etc. When people text your SMS-enabled landline numbers, their telephone numbers are added to the “All Contacts” list. You can easily assign names to the contacts using one of the following methods:

– Click a listing under “Contacts” in the message board and then click on the edit button next to “Chat with…”, enter a name, and tap the checkmark to save.
– Use the lefthand menu and click on CONTACTS -> All Contacts, then use the search box to find the phone number. From the action menu, click on “Edit” to assign a name.

The number in front of the contents shows the total number of people who have exchanged messages with you over the selected channel displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. You can find contact names or phone numbers by entering a few characters of the person’s name or a few digits of their phone number in the search field on top of the contacts section.
The contacts are sorted according to the following:

– People with the most recent unanswered messages are listed first
– Followed by people with the most recent activity.

Message Board:
The message board displays conversations between contacts and your organization over a selected channel such as business texting, Facebook Messenger, etc. Messages from your contacts are listed on the left side (light grey bubble), while responses from your organization are listed on the right (light blue bubble).

As mentioned before, You can switch between supported channels on your account by clicking the down arrow next to your name and selecting the desired channel, which might include any of your SMS numbers or Facebook pages. Upon selection, messages communicated over the selected channel will be listed on the message board. The list of contacts will also be refreshed accordingly.

Since the Zebyl engagement center is a multi-user environment, agent names are listed over the response bubbles in the message board. This helps identify the agent who responded to a specific message. The colored circle next to the agent name shows if they are online (logged in to the portal) or offline.

Apart from human agents, automated services may also respond to audience messages. The responses displayed on the message board are color coded and tagged accordingly to show the automated services that respond to specific messages. For example, automatic responses are listed under “Auto Response” and chatbot responses are tagged as the name of the Chatbot who responded to a particular message.

Every message is also tagged with a timestamp. You may want to pay attention to the time of the responses to gauge the performance of human agents.

The Find feature helps find a certain phrase inside a conversation. As you type a phrase inside the search box, messages including the search phrase are highlighted.

To maximize portal performance, only a limited number of messages are displayed in a conversation. You can change the number of messages displayed by selecting a desired choice from the dropdown menu located in the top right corner of the message board. You may also scroll all the way up to the top of the conversation area and retrieve older messages until you see “No more messages!”, which means you have reached the oldest message in the conversation.

The “Type your message” area is for typing responses to inbound texts. A number of gadgets are available in this section that are covered here.