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Chapter 2: Inbound Messages

Incoming messages sent from cell phones to your landline phone number pop in on the message board in real time. Audio and visual notifications are provided in the portal to draw the attention of agents who are logged in. If a new message is sent from an unknown contact, the message will be listed under the ID provided by the channel. For example, a text message from an unknown cell phone will be tagged as the cell phone number when displayed on the message board. 

Since it’s easier to identify contacts by name, you can easily assign names to contact numbers by clicking on the edit icon on top of the message board. You can also achieve the same by clicking on the “contacts” menu on the left side of the portal to open the contact page. You can then find and edit someone’s contact information here. 

Of course, we all agree that it’s important to respond to inbound messages in a timely fashion, so let’s discuss sending outbound messages from your landline telephone number. Once again, you should be logged in to your Zebyl portal. Now, head over to the message board. 

Sending outbound messages:

To send a response to a message, simply type it in the “Type your message” area and click send. Notice that a character counter keeps track of the number of characters typed in due to character limitations enforced by certain channels. For example, when responding to an SMS, only 160 characters can be included in one message block. Messages with more than 160 characters will be broken into multiple messages when delivered to your recipient’s phone number.

You may dress up your messages to include emoticons, photos, or video to make them more interesting. Simply click on the proper icon at the bottom of the “Type your message” area to include them in your message.

When including photos, a popup window will appear on your screen to include an optional description. The text you enter here will be delivered along with the photo to your recipient. You can skip this window and continue sending without a description if you wish. Be advised that picture and video files are limited to a certain size. If you get an error message when sending big files, consider reducing your file sizes before attempting to send them again.

Predefined Response Messages:

Instead of typing repetitive messages over and over again, you can save them as predefined response messages and simply assign them from the “Automatic Responses” dropdown. Select one of the predefined response messages and edit it, if need be, or just hit the send icon and the message will be on its way. Don’t worry, editing here will not change the original predefined response message. To learn how to create predefined response messages, please see the information listed here.