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Chapter 3

New Message: To send new messages to new or existing contacts, click on the “NEW MESSAGE” menu item. This will open the new message popup window. Enter the cell phone number of the new contact and type a message in the “Type your message” area. You may also recall predefined messages by clicking on the “Automatic Responses” dropdown. When you are ready, click the “Send” button to deliver the message. As soon as the message is sent to the audience, their number will be added to your contact list.  You may then assign a name to the contact and save.

Delete messages/Conversations: You can delete individual messages or delete an entire conversation. To delete an individual message, hover over the message bubble you intend to delete and click on the trashcan icon that appears on the rightmost corner of the message bubble.

To delete an entire conversation, click on the trashcan icon in the top right corner of the message board. Upon confirmation, all messages in the conversation will be deleted from the message board.

To help mitigate abuse or inadvertent deletion of messages, Zebyl text messaging for business is equipped with an archiving feature which will retain all messages, even if they are deleted by agents. We keep track of the timestamp of the delete action as well as the user information involved in the delete action. An account admin can retrieve deleted messages along with the agent name as well as the deletion date and time.

Print Conversation: You may use the print icon in the top right corner of the message board to print all messages in the conversation. Depending on the printers in your system, you can print to physical printers, PDF files, etc.

Block Contacts: To stop receiving messages from a particular contact, first select a contact from the contact list. Then click on the “Block contact” icon in the top right corner of the message board. As soon as a contact is blocked, an advisory message is displayed in the message board area to inform all agents. To unblock a blocked contact, head over to the contacts menu and click on “Blocked Contacts.”

The summary view shows the total number of contacts in the blocked contact list. In the action area, click on view contacts to see individual blocked contacts. To remove a contact from this list, simply click on “delete” and confirm.

Block ContactsUnsubscribe Contacts: Contacts may choose to unsubscribe to stop receiving text messages from your business by texting the word “stop,” “cancel,” or “unsubscribe.” This will immediately add them to the unsubscribe contact list. Your text messaging for business account will not be able to send messages to unsubscribed contacts.

It’s also possible for agents to unsubscribe contacts on their behalf. First, select a contact, then head over to the top right corner of the message board and click on the unsubscribe button to unsubscribe a contact.

Unsubscribe Contacts

To remove a contact from the unsubscribed contact list, head over to the CONTACTS menu and then click on “Unsubscribed Contacts.” The summary view shows the total number of contacts in this list. You can click on “view contacts” to see individual names in the list. To remove someone from this list, simply click on the delete action. After confirming the removal, the contact can receive messages from your account again.


Firstly, please log in to your Zebyl portal and select settings from the navigation menus.

Head over to the navigation menus and click “Settings.” In the page that pops up, under the “User Settings” tab, select your desired message forward options by checking the appropriate boxes.

You can forward a copy of inbound text messages to your email address or cell phone number.  Be advised that forwarding messages to cell phones will be counted against the number of available messages in your text messaging for business plan.

Please note that settings saved under your account have no effect on other portal users and agents in your company. 

“Edit Profile” is where you may edit your personal information. Please make sure the portal timezone is correctly configured here, as message timestamps are displayed according to the timezone set in your profile. If you have agents across the country, or perhaps the world, each person should set their timezone in their profile settings.

Response Messages:

To avoid typing repetitive messages frequently, you can create and save response messages and use them later when drafting new text messages. To create a new response message, head over to the “MESSAGE BOT” menu and click on “Response Messages.” A list of the existing response messages will be displayed here, where you can delete or edit them.

To add a new one, click on “Add a new auto response message.” Enter a name and type up your message in the “Message” section. Then click “Submit.” Your new response message is ready for use.

Response messages can be used when drafting new text messages or responding to incoming text messages. They can also be used in creating automatic responses. 

Automatic Responses: To respond to incoming text messages automatically, you can create an “automatic response.” This feature is useful when you don’t want to leave incoming text messages unanswered when agents are not available, such as after hours or holidays. For example, you might want to create an automatic response for after hours and notify customers that their inquiries will be attended to the next business day.

Automatic responses can be triggered by time conditions or set to always respond to text messages. To view a list of automatic responses, head over to the “MESSAGE BOT” menu item and click on “Automatic Responses.” Here, you can delete, edit, or create automatic responses. To create a new one, click on “Add a new Automatic Response” at the bottom of the form.

Select an SMS number or select “ALL” to assign the automatic response to desired numbers. Select a predefined response message and select a schedule. If you select “No Scheduling Required,” the automatic response will always respond to every incoming text message. 

Time Schedule: This enforces a schedule to trigger an automatic response. For example, you may want an automatic response to only respond to incoming messages over the weekend. To create a new time schedule or to view the existing ones, head over to the “MESSAGE BOT” menu item and click on “Time Schedule.”Here, you can delete, edit, or add time schedules. To create a new one, click on “Add a new Time Schedule.” Assign a name and select the desired dates and times. Add more dates and times to create more complex time schedules. Click Submit to save. 

For example, if you want to provide an automated response on weeknights, create a time schedule like so:

Or, if you want to provide a different automatic response for weekends, create a different time schedule, like this one:

Sometimes it’s important to selectively provide automatic responses based on what people say in their text message. This is where intelligent response comes into play.

Intelligent Responses: Intelligent Responses respond to selected incoming text messages if they include certain keywords or key phrases. For example, a restaurant might want to provide a link to their menu in response to incoming text messages that include the word “menu” in them.  

To program this feature, head over to the “MESSAGE BOT” menu item and click on “Intelligent Responses.” A list of pre-programmed intelligent responses will appear on the page. Here, you can delete, edit, or create intelligent responses. To add a new one, simply click on “Add a new Intelligent Response” at the bottom of the page. In the new window, enter the desired keyword or exact key phrase in the “Inbound Text” input box. Select a predefined response message from the “Intelligent Response” dropdown. Pick the SMS number and an appropriate time schedule. You can also limit the intelligent response to a limited time schedule or set it to always respond.

We must emphasize the importance of an opt-in list. You cannot send unsolicited text messages to random cell phone numbers. Even if you intend to send messages to your existing customers, you must first gather their consent and add them to your opt-in list.