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Discover why intelligent chatbots are a “must” for even the
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In this complimentary guide, you’ll learn:

What you need to know about
higher-than-ever expectations among
customers and prospects interacting
with your business

How low-cost technology can enable
any business to offer a customer
service experience on par with giants
of digital commerce

What “conversational marketing” is
and why you need to optimize this
important capability ASAP to keep
your business on top of its game

How you can easily train intelligent
chatbots to exceed human potential and
offer customers unheard-of service at a
reduced customer service cost

How intelligent chatbots instantly
enable you to convert a dramatically
higher percentage of website visitors
from unknown to known while
obtaining high-value information for
more relevant marketing and sales

A surprisingly easy way to launch
automated marketing campaigns that
in seconds result in human-like
conversations capable of profiling
prospects, fulfilling information requests,
and even closing new business

How the bar has been raised on live
chat support—and how small and
large businesses can easily elevate
their level of play

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