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Gain the profit-growing advantages of intelligent text message marketing tools – for less than you may have ever imagined.
Business Phone Number*
Is my landline phone number textable?
Starting at just $10 you can convert your
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Is my landline
phone number
How can a
use texting?
  • Reduce Your No-Shows With
    Text Reminders
    Keep you calendar filled with confirmed appointments with text reminders. With over 90% read rate, text messaging is the most effective reminder method.
  • Boost Your Positive Reviews
    Provide a super easy way to patients who love your practice to give it glowing online reviews. Manage major reviews sources from one place.
  • Book New Patient Appointments
    With Texting 24X7
    Enable new patients to reach your practice and make appointments during off hours by simply texting your landline number.
  • Reach Your Patients Effectively With
    Text Messaging Campaigns
    Send personalized text messaging to relevant segments of your patient roster to effectively communicate important information such as reminders, collections, recalls, new procedure announcements.




People love the convenience of messaging to get business done faster
Optimize your business landline for texting in minutes and
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Send and Receive Texts on Your Business Landline
From Any Internet-Connected Device
Experience the state of the art
in text messaging, including:
  • Intelligent Chatbot Conversations
    Use AI to engage in real conversations with customers on your website—without human intervention
  • Sell products and services via Text Messaging
    When digital conversations flow naturally, prospects tend to be more inclined to take that final step and buy . . . directly from your text message
  • Text Messaging Using Your LANDLINE Number
    Optimize your landline phone number by enabling text messaging with customers—and see how to prevent misuse of it by other firms
  • Unified Online Review Management
    Send review links via text and messenger—including Facebook Messenger—to raise your review volume and easily monitor reviews
  • Text Messaging Campaigns to Your Customer List
    Quickly and easily market new products and services to your full customer list—or to relevant segments—at times you choose
  • Click-to-Text Buttons
    Add a link or button to your website that opens a text message when clicked, to increase engagement, lead volume, and new customers
Fact: Nine out of 10 consumers want to use messaging to communicate with brands.
Source: Twilio.
Client Testimonials
"We utilize Zebyl’s managed VoIP, Text and e-fax service. The staff is both expertly knowledgeable and immediately responsive. They provide us top-notch platform network support and monitoring as well as reliable, timely assistance for day to day system management and updates. Zebyl is a provider any business can confidentially depend on!"
Christian Bouker,Operations Manager at FMP Consulting
Our patients text us via Zebyl texting platform and receive text reminders from us daily. Uploading appointments from Nextech to Zebyl text messaging for business is very easy and the support staff helped us perfect the operation. Sending text reminders instead of making reminder calls, helps of save so much time and patients prefer it too.
- Elizabeth,Patient Care Coordinator at Westend Plastic Surgery
"One the features I love the most is the Zebyl text reminder. Its fully integrated to our EMR system and I don't have to press a single button. It automatically texts the patients appointment reminders from our office phone line."
– Klaudia,Office Manager at Women’s Global Health of Northern Virginia
"Before Zebyl, our mornings were deluged by checking voicemails and calling patients back. Sometimes whole mornings were being wasted trying to reach people and that was very unfortunate. But now with Zebyl, most of our patients just text us with any questions they need to ask and it takes very little time for us to respond."
– Klaudia,Office Manager at Women’s Global Health of Northern Virginia
"We heavily rely on Zebyl text messaging for business to reach our business partners all across Kenya. Zebyl Text messaging campaigns help us effortlessly orchestrate crop delivery schedule with personalized messages sent to each partner including the exact information they need. I cant imagine our scheduling process without Zebyl."
Micah,Operations Manager at Kentegra Biotech
"Zebyl text messaging has changed the way our patients communicate with us. We use intelligent responses that automatically provide information to text inquiries about our cosmetic services without any manual effort."
Adela,Office Manager at Walker Plastic Surgery
"When patients receive the text reminder messages, they absolutely love it! Within seconds we start receiving responses back from patients to confirm their appointments, reschedules or sometimes they simply thank us. And we don't have to make a single phone call."
Eva, Womens Global Health of Northern Virginia