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Text Messaging Service for Doctors Over a LANDLINE Number

Optimize your landline phone number by enabling text messaging with patients from your own office landline telephone number. Patients may use this service for non-confidential purposes like booking appointments, confirming appointments, paying bills and more.

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Nine out of 10 consumers want to use messaging to communicate with businesses. Reaching medical offices and dental practices is no exception. Optimize the patient experience by supporting popular communication channels such as text messaging over landline, Facebook Messenger and live chat.

Discover how revolutionary text messaging
tools enable you to:

Raise your number of appointments booked with new patients

Obtain more reviews from patients thrilled with your practice

Market your new treatments and products more efficiently

Accelerate your response time to patient inquiries

Handle your reminders, recalls, collections, and other non-PHI communications more easily, quickly, and inexpensively

Grow your bottom line via advanced but accessible technology

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Experience the state of the art in text messaging, including:

Make Your Digital Ads Stand Out with Texting Option

People are more likely to engage with advertisements that provide a texting option. Include “TEXT US” in your advertisement to increase your chances of standing out among other advertisements.

Appointment reminders

Reduce no-shows by sending text messages to patients’ mobile phones to remind them of their appointment time and dates, provide directions, and more.

Book More Appointments Using Recall

Intelligently segment your patient database and recall patients using relevant text messaging.

Expand your operation to 24/7

With the power of trained chatbots, leverage messaging channels to book appointments and handle certain patient needs after hours with no staff involvement.

Broadcast Important Messages Using Text Messaging Campaigns

Quickly and easily market new treatments and products to your full patient roster or relevant segments at your chosen times.

Boost Positive Reviews

Send review links via text and messenger – including Facebook Messenger – to raise your review volume and easily monitor reviews.

Boost Your Collections With Text Messaging

Collect past dues efficiently and respectfully before collection agencies take a bite out of your profits.

Text Reminders . . . on Steroids

Missed appointments is a dilemma for medical practices, leading to lost revenue and patient dissatisfaction due to charged penalties. Traditional reminder methods like mailing postcards or making reminder calls are not effective.

Text messaging has proven to be the most effective way to remind patients of their appointments. This is because over 95 percent of texts are seen and read within 3 minutes of delivery.

Patients can simply text back to confirm or ask questions about their appointments.

It’s remarkable that responses to reminder messages often start pouring in within seconds from our medical customers.

According to MGMA, patients miss their appointments due to the following reasons: