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In a world with 4.6 billion mobile devices, virtually every consumer-facing business needs a messaging tool to converse and do business with customers via text messaging. Do you work with businesses that need first-rate mobile messaging tools at economical prices? Why not take advantage of our white-label program and provide a complete texting and conversational commerce platform to your customers under your name and logo, and add a revenue stream to your business?

Our white label affiliate partner program enables you to offer Zebyl services as a complete solution of your very own. Mark up our heavily discounted partner rates, set your own prices, and bill customers at your rates – without worrying about providing technical support or writing even a single line of code.

Sign up as a Zebyl white label affiliate partner today.

Zebyl Affiliate Partner Program Q&A

What will my customers see when they login to the Zebyl portal?

Your customers will see your logo and company name.

How will our company brand be treated in Zebyl email notifications to our customers?

Your customers will receive emails from a generic domain that includes your business name. Example:

How does billing work?

We bill your account at your discounted rates and charge your method of payment monthly. Invoice details are provided in your Zebyl affiliate portal. You bill your customers at your own rates and collect payments from them.

What if a customer of ours doesn’t pay for the service?

You can suspend or terminate that customer’s account from the affiliate portal at any time. However, it’s your responsibility to collect from your customers. Zebyl will NOT issue a credit to your account if a customer fails to pay for the service.

Can I offer a free trial to my customers?

The decision on offering free trials to your customers is up to you. Zebyl may provide free trial discount codes to extend free trial offers to your customers in some cases. Please contact us if you need help to win a sizable opportunity.

Do you provide marketing materials to affiliate partners?

Yes. At your request, we’ll provide source files for Zebyl marketing material, to modify our content and promote our service with your name and logo.

Is there is minimum commitment to start a white label agreement?

Yes, there is, but for a limited time, we’ve waived all commitments and associated fees. Please take advantage of this offer before fees are reinstated.

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