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Capitalize on the Messaging Tool With 130 Million Users in the U.S. Alone

Start and strengthen relationships with customers and prospects by optimizing your use of the messaging tool with more than one billion messages exchanged between consumers and businesses each month: Facebook Messenger.

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Automate Engagement with Facebook Messenger Chatbots and Get More Done . . . Without Human Intervention

Attend to an unlimited number of Messenger requests in real-time – without delays – on a 24/7/365 basis with intelligent chatbots that never get tired, never get sick, never show up late, never forget important details, and never let emotions get the best of them.

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Turn Your Facebook Page Into a More Profitable Contributor to Leads and Sales

With a Nielsen Facebook Messaging Survey showing that messaging ranked second out of nine possible modes of communication with businesses, and that 53% of people were more likely to shop with a business they can message directly, Facebook Messenger optimization is a “must” for growth-oriented businesses.

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Provide a Unified Customer Experience Across ALL Messaging Platforms

Merge, integrate, and unify fragmented customer engagement channels in the Zebyl portal, so you’re able to respond faster and in a consistent manner to Facebook Messenger messages and others across channels as they arrive, without even logging in to Facebook.

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Combine Facebook Messenger With Reviews to Optimize Reputation Management

By viewing your Facebook reviews in the same portal as messages rolling in on Facebook Messenger, you gain the opportunity to provide customers with a better-than-ever experience and garner more five-star Facebook reviews.

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You get:

Ability to view and
respond to messages from
Facebook Messenger and other
channels in a single portal

Ability to optimize
reputation management by
addressing messages
and reviews in one portal