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Messaging Service for Business
Reach Your Customers and Prospects Where They Prefer to Engage With You

Engage with key constituencies via the communications channel around 90% of today’s consumers prefer to use: text messaging.

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Capture the Attention of Almost Anyone – Anywhere and Anytime – Using Text Message Marketing

With more than 95% of text messages seen and read, Zebyl text messaging campaigns are a cost-effective way of reaching your target audiences.

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Run Text Message Marketing Campaigns Using Your Landline Phone Number

Optimize use of your landline number by engaging in two-way communication via SMS marketing with customers and prospects while providing the option of phoning your landline number.

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Deploy Intelligent Follow-up Messages Via SMS – Automatically

Trained chatbots conduct natural conversations on a 24/7 basis to sell products and services without human intervention and
even solve customer service issues.

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Engage in Highly Personalized Text Marketing for Higher Response Rates

Use data in your system to personalize messages with variable data and deploy highly personalized messages such as, “Hi {Firstname}, We’ll complete {name of service} on your {Name of product} today, and it’ll be ready {day} after {am/pm time}.

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Manage Text Message Marketing Campaigns Effortlessly

Zebyl text marketing campaigns run automatically and require no human intervention.

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Track Results of Every SMS Marketing Test and Nurture Leads Effectively

Use tiny links as source codes for high-relevancy lead nurture programs from text marketing and optimize your lead conversion rates.

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Gain Real-Time Reporting of Text Message Marketing Campaign Results

Access detailed reporting within minutes of text marketing campaign deployment, with text message delivery rates, tiny link click stats, analytical graphs showing trends over time, recurring campaign snapshot reports, and more.

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You get all this:

Imports of virtually all
source file types

Merge/purge of multiple
contact lists


Ability to
edit contacts

Personalization via meta
data information

Tiny link

Choice of recurring
& one-time campaigns


Detailed campaign

Scheduling well
into the future

Sending via various
messaging platforms

Viewing of messages before
running campaigns