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Reduce No-Shows and Cancellations With Zebyl Smart Reminder Text Notifications

Combine conventional reminder text notification with Zebyl chatbots to take no- shows to a new low while gaining a full set of important capabilities.

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Cut Your Reminder-Related Expenses

Save money by using automated reminders at a small fraction of the cost of reminder phone calls made by staff members.

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Deploy Intelligent Follow-Up Messages to Improve Service Quality

Using trainable chatbots, automatically handle appointment changes, requests for directions, and even uncommon requests.

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Book More Appointments Using Recall

Intelligently segment your patient database and recall patients using relevant text messaging.

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Personalize Your Reminder Text Notifications to Gain Added Advantages

With Zebyl smart reminder text notifications, personalize your text message marketing down to the one-to-one level – without human intervention – and collect deposits due in advance or even “upsell” products and services.

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Gain Complete Documentation of Appointment Notification

Record responses as proof of reminder notification to reduce the risk of misunderstandings, contested fees, and bad reviews, with a first-rate reporting system on reminders.

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You get all this:

Imports of virtually all
source file types

Merge/purge of
multiple contact lists


Ability to
edit contacts

Personalization via meta
data information

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Scheduling well
into the future


Integration with
hundreds of business
management applications

Smart appointment file upload tool

Repeat reminder message delivery