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Kentegra Biotech

"We heavily rely on Zebyl text messaging for business to reach our business partners all across Kenya. Zebyl Text messaging campaigns help us effortlessly orchestrate crop delivery schedule with personalized messages sent to each partner including the exact information they need. I cant imagine our scheduling process without Zebyl."

Operations Manager at Kentegra Biotech

"We utilize Zebyl’s managed VoIP, Text and e-fax service. The staff is both expertly knowledgeable and immediately responsive. They provide us top-notch platform network support and monitoring as well as reliable, timely assistance for day to day system management and updates. Zebyl is a provider any business can confidentially depend on!"

Operations Manager at FMP Consulting
Shaygan Legal, PC

"I'm very happy both with the phone and the text service we receive from Zebyl. The quality of the service is great. I'd also like to acknowledge the quick customer service and availability of Zebyl team in providing advice about not only our phone and texting, but other related technical needs as well."

Shaygan Legal, PC
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