Transform the Bottom Line of Your Medical Practice With Next-Generation Text Messaging

The 30-minute webinar for medical professionals responsible for growing practice revenue, reducing costs, and optimizing the patient experience.


In this complimentary webinar, discover how
revolutionary text messaging tools enable you to:

Raise your number of appointments booked with new patients

Obtain more reviews from patients thrilled with your practice

Market your new treatments and products more efficiently

Accelerate your response time to patient inquiries

Handle your reminders, recalls, collections, and other non-PHI communications more easily, quickly, and inexpensively

Grow your bottom line via advanced but accessible technology

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    Experience the state of the art in text
    messaging, including:

    Intelligent Chatbot

    Use AI to engage in real
    conversations with patients
    on your website – without
    human intervention

    Text Messaging Using
    Your LANDLINE Number

    Optimize your landline phone
    number by enabling text messaging
    with patients – and see how to
    prevent misuse of it by other firms

    Text Messaging Campaigns
    to Your Patient Roster

    Quickly and easily market new
    treatments and products to your
    full patient roster – or to relevant
    segments – at times you choose

    Reminder Text Messaging
    … on Steroids

    Train your reminder texts to engage
    in automated conversations: change
    appointment dates, provide directions,
    and fulfill other patient requests

    Unified Online
    Review Management

    Send review links via text and
    messenger – including Facebook
    Messenger – to raise your review
    volume and easily monitor reviews

    Click-to-Text Buttons

    Add a link or button to your website
    that opens a text message when
    clicked, to increase engagement,
    lead volume, and new patients

    Fact: Nine out of 10 consumers want to use
    messaging to communicate with brands.

    View this 30-minute webinar with the power to revolutionize your communications.

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